It is the mission of the World Sports Institute to improve the overall understanding of human performance – with an emphasis on youth sports – by combining education, performance testing, training and the collection and analysis of evidence-based data to help reduce injuries, maximize potential and advance research in the sports science community.

It is the vision of the World Sports Institute to be the leading voice for innovation in the areas of human performance, science and technology. We will operate worldwide and will coordinate our efforts through the realization of the WSI campus located in Central Florida.

The World Sports Institute brings two important elements together in one place –

  • An organization dedicated to collecting and translating information to produce scientific discoveries and best practices into practical applications that advance human performance at all levels and
  • A collection of buildings located in Central Florida – which we call the WSI Campus - which will be comprised of the Performance Zone, WSI Center of Sports Science and Performance, the WSI Conference Center, the WSI Experience Edge and WSI Lodging.

The World Sports Institute will serve the science and research communities, provide educational content to individuals and organizations serving the human performance marketplace. It will also provide visitors a relaxing lodging experience satisfying the needs of industry professional and athlete alike. By leveraging an exceptionally rich database generated by the Performance Zone – the WSI Campus will offer a one stop shop opportunity for unparalleled sports science evolvement, academic research, educational enrichment and industry development.

The outcome will be a world-class epicenter for human performance - hosting various components a wide-range of testing, training, technological, medical, commercial and business applications built on a fiber broadband platform, in the only place on earth where climate, content, destination and opportunity intersect to provide a platform for such a unique and important facility.

“We will change the nature of human performance”

The desire to maximize athletic potential has led to increased competitive fervor. We are spending more to train and compete.

There is a significant industry which has been created to satisfy this need - teams, leagues, venues, technical trainers (sport-specific coaches), athletic/performance trainers, equipment manufacturers and technology companies – an entire micro-economy whose sole purpose is to market to that “extra-edge” consumer.

We are positioned to leverage this scenario by creating a new kind of facility – the Performance Zone - that would provide athletes with the opportunity to measure their core performance attributes against others, improve their own performance through training and personalized strategies and learn some important things about what takes to become a healthy, high-performing athlete.

The data collected from these athlete assessments will allow us to create a one-of-a-kind campus - the World Sports Institute - that will serve the sports science and research community and provide educational content to individuals and organizations serving the human performance marketplace. Be a destination for the competitive athlete of all ages looking to raise their games and be a home to companies serving the sports industry to meet, conference, collaborate and enjoy a relaxing lodging experience satisfying the needs of the industry professional and athlete alike.

Key Elements
The Testing
The Performance Zone

The Performance Zone (PZ) will be a place where sports performance expertise and
technology will educate athletes
through advanced assessment
and research.

The Data

By leveraging the captured data, the Performance Zone (PZ) will offer a
centralized data warehouse for
sports science envolvement.

Full Circle
Sports Progress

By coordinating and facilitating
the sharing of our unprecendented
knowledge on a global level we are
able to better equip the scientific and
sports communities to improve
techniques and standarts to help
our youth longer, and safer
athletic experiences.

The Gathering Place
Lodging, Offices, And
Conference Centre

Designed to provide visitors with a
campus in a resort atmosphere, this area will serve the sports performance and research communities, and attract companies serving the sports industry while providing a relaxing lodging experience satisfying the needs of industry professionals and athletes alike.

The Research
The centre for sports
science and Performance

A place of non-partisan research,
development and education, attracting
organizations from Sports Performance,
Sports Medicine, Sports Psychology, Athletic
Training, and related Sports Research
& Development communities.

Partners / Sponsors
We have brought together an unrivaled collection of sports science and performance thought leaders in the areas of sports science and medicine - as well as other allied technology, health and wellness organizations and business leaders - to join with us in our efforts to realize the vision and mission of the World Sports Institute.

Creating important scientific innovation is difficult and expensive. Most non-commercial research is funded through grants from government agencies or charities. For the researcher, this means more time spent on “chasing” research funding and less time on the creation of innovative strategies and solutions.

We established the WSI Foundation as a way for organizations that are committed to the research of issues related to human performance to join with the World Sports Institute to fund their research efforts and transform the study of human performance at the same time. These member organizations will have access to a fund generated from World Sports Institute related activities, endowments and grants.

For more information, please contact the World Sports Institute.

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